Beyond Black and White

Beyond Black & White investigates the African-American perspective of the criminal justice system, using the issues arising from the celebrated O.J. Simpson trial as a springboard. A broad sample of African-Americans express their views. The motivating question of the film: Why did so many blacks stand up and cheer upon hearing the verdict, while so many whites felt shock and outrage?

Roger Sherman Producer, Writer, Cinematographer

Meredith McGuire Associate Producer

Kris Liem Editor

Daniel Inkeles After Effects, Intern

Kenny Dunn Stills, Locations, Second Camera

Intriguing. The voices in Beyond are relevant and infrequently heard. For those looking for insight on the trial’s lasting consequences, Beyond fits like a glove.”

Village Voice

Don’t pass up the hour. A provocative and unsettling look at the trial through the eyes of African-American observers.”

Entertainment Weekly

Truly a fresh look at what I didn’t think could ever be looked at freshly again.”

Dr. Richard Horwich, PhD

A superb look at the trial.”

Orange County Register

What comes through again and again are emphatic reminders of how different life in America is for blacks and whites.”

Dallas Morning News

Produced for The Learning Channel


Nominee, 1997

New York Festivals

Gold Medal

NAMIC Vision Awards

Finalist for cultural diversity in cable programing

Northampton Film Festival

Selected for screening