CHEVY 100 An American Story

A two-hour ride of 100 years on the road. Ford and Chevy have battled since the earliest days, the beginnings of Corvette, how Mustang spawned Camaro, muscle cars, tri-5s, Low Riders, Rat Rods, Indy and NASCAR. World famous race car driver Louis Chevrolet quits after a year and a half. Guy Fieri takes us for a spin in Camaro. FunkMaster Flex does Chevelle donuts, Jimmy Johnson, Tony Stewart tell how driving a race car is. The Voodoo Dolls, a tattooed, girls car club pull the radiator from a ’51 pickup. A couple who met, got married and had six children thanks to their Chevys, the bankruptcy, Dinah Shore sings ‘See the USA,’ Route 66, Transformers, and GREAT music.

Roger Sherman Producer, Director, Cinematographer
Sally Rosenthal Producer
Karen Shakerdge Associate Producer
Teese Gohl Original Music
A Production of Florentine Films/Sherman Pictures LLC

“For anyone with even a passing interest in the auto industry — or American history, for that matter — it’s worth watching.” — Mike Colias, Automotive News