Richard Rodgers: The Sweetest Sounds

A profile of the most prolific composer of Broadway musicals of all time.

Roger Sherman Producer and Director
Laurence Maslon Writer
Kris Liem Editor
Sally Rosenthal Associate Producer
Teese Gohl Music Arranger and Producer
Tony Roberts Narrator
Buddy Squires, Terry Hopkins Directors of Photography
Prudence Glass Senior Producer
Susan Lacy Executive Producer

“10 BEST LIST:  The Sweetest Sounds is an extraordinary achievement. [It’s] as memorable and moving as any musical drama you will see and hear anywhere, Broadway included.”

Neil Holston, Newsday

Museum of Modern Art

Isn’t It Romantic? Richard Rodgers at the Movies

Reel Music Film Festival

Portland, Oregon

Chicago International Film Festival

Gold Plaque

Worldfest, Houston

Gold Special Jury Award

CINE Golden Eagle

International Festival of Film on Art

Montreal, Canada

Museum of Television & Radio, New York

World Premiere


Premiere national broadcast: November 4, 2001