Medal of Honor

Traces the history of the highest medal our nation gives out for valor in combat, from Iraq back to the Civil War, including interviews with twelve living recipients. 

Produced, directed, and filmed by Roger Sherman

A breathtaking look at a rare breed.”

TV Week

There won’t be anything else more worth your while on TV that night. I checked.”

New York Post, Phil Mushnick

An astounding array of stories about an unbelievable collection of unexpected heroes…. This special is so awe-inspiring that, if I could, I would award it four Medals of Honor. It is that good and that honest. Do yourself a favor. Don’t miss it.”

New York Post, Linda Stasi

That rare thing — a film shot through with the most emotional of themes that succeeds in rendering portraits of unimaginable heroism with discipline and dignity. Along with story after story of heroic enterprise, accompanied by relevant, splendid footage, this film provides a hard-minded account of the medal’s history.”

Wall Street Journal, Dorothy Rabinowitz

The top-notch documentary… both celebrates and demystifies the blue ribbon and small hunk
of metal.… Embedded in ‘Medal’ are gem-like mini-profiles.”

L.A. Times, Tony Perry

It’s a must-see for war buffs, and its tales of valor are an effective boost for those craving optimism about a troubled country. B+”

Entertainment Weekly, Kate Ward

A story of humanity at its best. Alfre Woodard narrates the deeply moving documentary that expertly matches gut-wrenching footage of war to the veterans’ stories.”

Tribune Media Service (syndicate), Jacqueline Cutler

Sherman’s film arrives as an antidote for spiritual cynicism, a bracing potion that serves not merely to treat our Election Day hangover, but to remind us why so many continue to believe in American exceptionalism.”

Tampa Tribune, Tom Jackson

Yes, there’s a lot of junk on TV. But the medium can also rise to the occasion quite beautifully.… The richly drawn stories will stay with you for a long time after you turn off the set.”