The Second Life of Jamie P

A Roger Sherman Film


watch the trailerJamie posing in hats

Jamie Peebles always thought he was a man.
Until, “like a bolt of lightning,” at age 63
she realized she’s a woman.

The feature documentary is Jamie’s personal, revelatory,
poignant, hilarious, 
and sometimes joyful story
told through video diaries and intimate, cinema verité filming.

Award winning filmmaker Roger Sherman followed Jamie’s transition for a year. Friends for 40 years, they were classmates at Hampshire College. Roger follows Jamie’s emotional transition for a year, as she finally becomes the female hiding within.  In hindsight, she tells viewers that there were many signs that she misgendered herself: She ordered girls underwear from the Sears catalog. She tried to stop male puberty. All was suppressed until her revelation.
Transgender issues may have reached America’s consciousness, but they are often misunderstood. The Second Life of Jamie P shines a light on this critical subject.

Elaine, Jamie’s ex-wife tells us, “The man I was married to for thirty years is a now a woman.”
Tina, one of Jamie’s daughter’s mourns: “I lost my father.”
Angie, her other daughter, calls her father out for informing her by text.
Jamie’s brother Doug, once so close they were mistaken for twins, hasn’t spoken to her for two years.

The Second Life of Jamie P is a story about humanity. It is a human rights film.

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