Roger Sherman has contributed extensively to Saveur and Garden Design magazines. His photographs have graced the covers of Garden Design and Sun Valley Magazine, and have appeared in Town & Country, Town & Country Travel, Budget Travel, Metropolitan Home, Friends, Natural History, Newsweek, and others.

Roger did the photography for The Brisket Book: A Love Story with Recipes by Stephanie Pierson (and created the author video). He contributed photographs to Saveur Cooks Authentic Italian, The Garden Design Book, The World of Garden Design, Rodale’s Back to Basic Garden Book, plus calendars, websites, documentaries, a feature film, musicians, and authors.

Published stories include:

  • Spain Madrid, La Alhambra, Cadiz, Sevilla, Trujillo
  • Town & Country “A Taste of Tokyo”
  • Budget Travel “The Konnichiwa Kid”
  • Town & Country “My Dream Village,” Rockport, Maine
  • Town & Country Travel “Basque Masters” Restaurant Arzak, San Sebastian, Spain
  • Jane Magazine Qatar
  • Newsweek Fois Gras
  • Town & Country Travel “My Venice” by Victor Hazan,
  • Town & Country “Counting Blessings” by Pamela Fiori, Marcella Hazan’s 80th Birthday in Verona
  • Newsweek “An Italian Classic” by Dorothy Kalins, Marcella Hazan’s 80th birthday, Verona, NYC @FCI
  • Saveur “Cracking Good Stone Crabs”
  • Garden Design “50 Great Ideas”
  • Town & Country “Unrequited Love” by and portrait of Victor Hazan
  • Saveur Saveur 100
  • Saveur issue on Anderson Valley
  • California’s Coolest Wine
  • Cooking On Boonville Time
  • Garden Design“A Sense of Place” Celebration, Florida
  • Garden Design Wildflower field, Bridgehampton
  • Saveur Venice: Magical City, Irresistible Food
  • special issue: 8 articles, 50 photographs
  • Saveur “The Other East Hampton”
  • Saveur “In the Land of the Maya”
  • Saveur “Alleppo On the Hudson”
  • Garden Design Winterthur — “Looking For Mr. Dupont”
  • Garden Design Cover Lupins
  • Rodale Press“OG Basics: Soil”